Who What When Why?

    What issue is Adiply solving?

    We look to improve ad quality on both ends of the digital advertising spectrum. Ad quality has deteriorated over the years between misplaced creatives, and low visibility.
    We work with all of our partners to create an ecosystem of ads that generate the highest value for everyone involved.

    Why are we solving this issue?

    Having been on both the publisher and advertiser sides of the industry, we realized that there is a lot of room for improvement. We believe that our practices can lead to better business across the spectrum. When advertising focuses on benefiting everyone involved, rather than just a balance sheet, everyone wins.

    What happens when more customers use our products?

    As we grow with our partners, we open up opportunities for even better products across the board. Joining us on our mission to create a better advertising ecosystem only adds to your bottom line.

    Why is Adiply the right team for all of the above?

    We have seen it all. As a team built up of former publishers and ad buyers, we know what everyone is looking for. With over 10 years experience, we have a firm grasp on the industry and work with some of the largest media companies across the globe. Our relationships with the leading global publishers and advertisers enables us to give you a much broader scope of what is really possible with your business.

    What do I get when I chose to partner with Adiply?

    Apart from having access to all of our products and buyers, you’ll get a dedicated account manager. This account manager will work with you days, nights and weekends to make sure that our products are always in line with your user base and revenue goals. Digital publishing is a 24 hour a day job, and we understand that first hand.