About Us

What is Adiply?

Adiply offers industry-leading high impact ad formats for all platforms, which benefits publishers in three key ways:

    All of our formats generate the highest possible revenue on a consistent basis


    Our units are built to strictly increase your bottom line. None of our products will cannibalize your existing setup’s revenue


    Our platform was built to offer as much as possible through one line of code. You’ll access an entire suite of products through this implementation, which can be adjusted at the click of a button

Yield Optimization

Our yield optimization solution allows us to extract the maximum amount of revenue from each and every impression served. Our platform takes advantage of programmatic technology backed by data-driven algorithms that replace guesswork and execute real time actions. In addition to our automated system, we employ a team of experts to track data and make adjustments on a daily basis. The combination of programmatic technology mixed with our personal touch and dedication to a select number of publishers is what sets us apart from our competitors. Unlike many “plug and play” solutions, every publisher receives a custom ad setup that is fine-tuned for their website(s).


The Marketplace

We’ve partnered with the largest buyers, ad networks, and agencies in order to give over 3,500 buyers and 150,000 advertising brands access to our impressions. In addition, we run strict quality controls to ensure that our advertisements are brand safe.

We Treat Each Website Like Our Own

Do you enjoy working with a specific team of individuals? We sure do and that’s why each publisher receives a dedicated account manager as well as a technical expert, both of whom are available seven days a week. Whether you are seeking advice about ad placements or reporting an unwanted advertisement, we will take action on any inquiry within hours. Our experienced staff has the knowledge, skill, and passion to tackle any issue.

Payment Terms

We automatically send payments on a net 45 basis via bank transfer or PayPal. In other words, payment will be sent 45 days after the end of the month for which services have been rendered.